Columbus Council Caps Restaurant Delivery Service Fees, Objects To Sixteen Liquor License Renewals

Nov 24, 2020


Columbus City Council last night approved a measure capping fees charged by third-party restaurant delivery companies.  

Sponsoring Council member Elizabeth Brown says the measure caps those fees at 15 percent, and prohibits firms from cutting the pay of drivers or garnishing their tips:

Many restaurants maintained delivery and takeout only after the state allowed dine-in service earlier this year. Delivery services have opposed similar caps in other cities. Council also approved legislation opposing the renewal of liquor licenses for 16 local bars and carryouts the city has deemed to be health, safety and crime problems. Assistant City Attorney Sarah Pomeroy says the measures are proposed based on several factors:

Most of the establishments are in poorer neighborhoods on the east and north sides, such as C-One Market on Channingway Boulevard:

The objections now go before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission.