Columbus Council Lowers Pot Possession Penalties, Approves North Market Expansion Plan

Jul 23, 2019

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation reducing the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana. 

Offenders caught with up to 100 grams would be fined 10 dollars. Those caught with between 100 and 200 grams would pay 25 dollars. No jail time is involved and no criminal record will be created. The goal is to improve criminal sentencing and help jobseekers. The measure takes effect next month. In addition, funding is being provided for the Legal Aid Society of Columbus to work on sealing criminal records for those charged in the past. Council also approved a 192 million dollar expansion plan for the city-funded North Market. The plan includes creation of a 26-story tower, along with a public atrium, restaurants, a hotel, apartments, expanded parking and office space. Construction is expected to begin next year.