Columbus Event Examines State Voting Law Changes

May 30, 2014

The National Commission on Voting Rights will be in Columbus today for a hearing on cuts to early voting and other recent changes in Ohio voting laws.

M.L. Schultze of member station WKSU in Kent reports.

Ohio is the last stop among the 25 states where the commission holding hearings, and it will be sharing the stage with Indiana. But the Commission’s Sonia Gill says the significance of Ohio has not escaped anyone.


Sonia Gill of the National Commission on Voting Rights says her group is interested in knowing what is working to make voting more accessible, as well what’s making it more difficult. She says the report from all 25 hearings will be compiled and used – in part – to lobby Congress to strengthen the Voting Rights Act in light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down key provisions.