Columbus Meeting Seeks Ways To Help Child Abuse Victims

Oct 24, 2013

Local, state, and national experts gathered in Columbus earlier week this to discuss ways to better serve victims of child abuse and neglect.

Doctor Vincent FelittiĀ is the author of a major study on adverse childhood experiences. Felitti says trauma can be caused by physical or emotional neglect, sexual abuse, and exposure to alcoholism or depression. He says the results can mean a multitude of problems for a child later in life.

Felitti says adverse childhood experiences are hallmarks of kids in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. At the summit, experts and advocates examined ways to change the systems. Felitti says it is possible to help a child victim, but prevention provides the best outcome.

Felitti says Franklin County Children Services is performing trauma screenings. The Ohio Department of Youth Services has community-based behavioral health services available, and professionals statewide are being trained in the best responses and resources for abused and neglected children.