Columbus Officer Accused Of Kicking Suspect Is Fired

Jul 10, 2017

Zachary Rosen

The City of Columbus has fired a white police officer who was captured on video apparently kicking a handcuffed African-American suspect in the head.  

Columbus Safety Director Ned Pettus says Zachary Rosen reported his actions under standard procedure, but an internal review in May determined Rosen's actions were not consistent with his police training. In June, Police Chief Kim Jacobs recommended a 24-hour suspension.  Columbus Fraternal Order of Police president Jason Pappas is demanding Rosen's reinstatement, saying the decision resulted from political pressure. 

Pappas says he will take Rosen's case to arbitration. The mayor's office and City Council issued statements yesterday supporting Pettus' decision to fire Rosen. The family of the suspect, Demarko Anderson, says it's pleased Rose has been fired but wants more investigation of his prior actions. Rosen was involved in the Henry Green shooting. The family says if police officials can't be counted on to properly investigate and discipline a "reckless" and "unfit" officer, that calls into question their entire disciplinary history. The family wants to know what Mayor Andy Ginther will do to ensure all officers are held accountable for excessive use of force. The activist group called the People's Justice Project says it supports Pettus' decision.