Columbus Public Health Adds New Recommendations For Hepatitis A Vaccine

Mar 9, 2019


Columbus Public Health health officials have expanded the local list of at-risk groups that could be in danger of contracting hepatitis A without taking proper precautions. 

Health officials in a Friday news release continue to urge vaccinations amid what they say is the largest outbreak in the community in 25 years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies high-risk groups as drug users, the homeless,  the incarcerated, and "men who have sex with men."  CPH is recommending vaccines for first responders, health care workers, drug treatment center employees and those who provide services to the homeless if they come in close, prolonged contact with the high-risk groups. For questions about hepatitis A, contact Columbus Public Health 614-645-1474, option 3 or visit the ageny's website. A statewide outbreak was declared last year, and two local restaurant employees earlier this year were confirmed to have hepatitis A.