Columbus Receives Lead Hazard Reduction Grant From HUD

Nov 4, 2019

HUD Midwest Regional Administrator Joseph Galvan announces the grant at Columbus City Hall. Columbus received the funding from HUD's Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Program.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded the city of Columbus more than $5 million to remediate health hazards in older homes and low-income residential units. 

“Of this $5.6 million, $5 million is lead-based paint hazard reduction funding,” HUD Midwest Regional Administrator Joseph Galvan said. “An additional $600,000 was awarded as Healthy Homes supplemental funding. We were told, and we’re hopeful, and we know that the city will use the funding to reduce the rates of lead poisoning to children and protect families by targeting and mitigating health hazards in 300 low-income housing units that have significant lead or other home safety hazards. The city will also perform Healthy Homes assessments in 201 units and work with other medical and social service providers.”

Residents and property owners should contact Columbus Public Health for assessments. HUD awarded almost $45 million to nine Ohio cities and counties, including $9.7 million to Cleveland and $4.6 million to Akron.