Cordray Unveils Workforce Development Plan

Aug 15, 2018

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rich Cordray has unveiled a workforce development and job creation plan. 

He says workers must come first if the state wants to thrive economically. His proposal also focuses on small businesses and investments in job training. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Cordray says one of the biggest challenges the state faces is a widening skills gap where there aren’t enough trained workers to fill job vacancies. 


So Cordray wants to invest more federal funding into training. He adds that the door could open wider for tens of thousands of state government jobs by basing hiring on more than just educational requirements.


Cordray: “It should be about what skills do you bring to the table can you do the functions of the job and that’s how we should interview people and that’s how we should hire people it’s not solely about paper credentials.”


His Republican opponent Mike DeWine recently laid out his so-called “Prosperity Plan” which included incentives for job creation and modernizing workforce development.


Cordray counters that DeWine has a record of focusing on big businesses rather than small companies and labor.