County Expanding Type Of Child Trauma Training Into Westerville Schools

Oct 24, 2017


The Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services is expanding its support of trauma training in Columbus City Schools into the Whitehall district.

Officials say schools implementing the Neurosequential Model in Education approach have seen reductions in out-of-school suspensions and disciplinary referrals. Lead trainer Carol Taylor says most people think of event-based trauma, such as the death of a family member, a car accident, or a house fire. But Taylor says there's a more profound and persistent form known as complex developmental trauma - or toxic stress.

Taylor says while this type of trauma can last for years, educators can make a difference by understanding the perspective of the student involved.

Taylor says resilience makes all the difference in moving on from adversity in a positive way. She says instructors and staff must welcome, love and teach students to build up that resiliency.