COVID-19 Vaccinations Arrive In Ohio

Dec 14, 2020

Staff at Ohio State University's Medical Center were among the first in the state to receive the COVID-19 vaccination

Hundreds of doctors, and nurses around the state are receiving the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine.

And more doses are on the way. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

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Staff at Ohio State University's Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati's UC Health were the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

975 doses were sent to each hospital with the same amount set for eight other hospitals within a day.

Governor Mike DeWine hopes to see about 600,000 doses come to Ohio in the next month.

"The good news is for Ohioans that every day as we go forward from here we'll see more and more people be vaccinated."

DeWine pressed that people must continue to wear masks and observe physical distance during the immunization process.