Cyclospora Outbreak Hits Ohio

Jul 26, 2013

A 63-year-old Lucas County woman is among at least 285 people sickened in an outbreak of Cyclospora in Ohio, Georgia and nine other states.

The Centers for Disease Control says Cyclospora infections were first reported in late June. At least 18 people have been hospitalized with cyclosporiasis, an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite. Health officials have yet to determine what is causing the outbreak, nor have they identified anything linking those who have been infected. In previous outbreaks, imported fresh produce has been implicated. Atlanta Medical Center physician John Ouderkirk says Cyclospora is spread by people eating food contaminated with feces, and has severe symptoms.

Owderkirk has a few tips to avoid catching the bug.

The Ohio Department of Health has not publicly identified the woman and is not saying how severe her illness is.