Daily Increases In Ohio COVID-19 Cases And Deaths Continue

Jun 30, 2020

Credit Ohio Department of Health

The Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 numbers continue to show increases.  

The total number of cases since the pandemic began is 51,789 -- 743 in the past 24 hours.  Hospitalizations and ICU admissions also continue to rise.  

There have now been 2,863 deaths from COVID-19 in Ohio, with 45 deaths reported in the past 24 hours.  Although some of those deaths may have occurred some time ago and just been confirmed as COVID-19, it is double the number of the 21-day average.

While recent spikes in Hamilton, Montgomery and Cuyahoga counted have attracted state attention, Franklin County reports the highest number of cases and deaths in the state.  There have been 9,148 cases reported, over a thousand hospitalizations, and 404 deaths.