Dems Call Income-Based School Vouchers Fairer For Families And Schools

Feb 13, 2020

ohio House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes speaks with reporters
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Democratic state lawmakers are pushing for legislation that phases-out EdChoice private school vouchers, which are based on public school performance.

Legislators say the bipartisan House bill puts the focus back on making sure the public school system is fair and efficient. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

A Senate plan would continue granting EdChoice vouchers, though it would lower the number of buildings that are deemed failing, and increase the income threshold for poverty-based vouchers. The House plan would only grant vouchers to low-income families.


Minority Democrats have backed the House plan, because income-based vouchers are paid by the state and not school districts. Leader of the House Dems, Emilia Sykes, says families will still have the freedom of school choice, but…


"Those choices cannot be made at the expense of our public school system which we are constitutionally required to have a fair and efficient public school system."


The General Assembly has until April to come up with a new plan for EdChoice and several committee hearings have been scheduled over the next two weeks.