DeWine Announces Strategy To Address Racial Health Disparities In COVID-19 Fight

May 22, 2020

Credit Office of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has announced the first steps in a plan to address racial disparities in the fight against COVID-19. 

He says the coronavirus has only highlighted a problem that has existed for generations. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

DeWine says COVID-19 is hitting affecting people of color hard.

For example, about 25 percent of confirmed cases are African Americans, who only make up about 13 percent of the state's population.


DeWine: "When we see something disproportionately affecting some of our citizens, we have an obligation to act, we have an obligation to do something."


DeWine says the state will implement several recommendations from his Minority Health Strike Force. The response directs services and resources to minorities in high risk areas.


The state also created a map that shows more data regarding race and opportunities levels.