DeWine Cautions Businesses Not To Reopen Early

Apr 30, 2020

Hospitals may begin performing some non-emergency procedures Friday, and dentists and veterinarians can get back to work as well.

Governor Mike DeWine says this health care opening is the first step forward after the coronavirus shutdowns, with other businesses to follow. But some say they’re not going to wait and plan to open their doors as well. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler has more.  

There are scattered reports of retailers saying that since the federal guidelines on coronavirus are expiring, they’ll reopen and won’t wait till May 12. DeWine says that date was set to give them time to set up social distancing, clean and sanitize and ensure their workers will wear masks – and suggests opening early would be a legal problem.


“That would be a mistake and I certainly hope they would follow the rule of law.”


There are also restaurants saying they’ll reopen for dining room service, though the shutdown order on that is still in place. DeWine says a task force of lawmakers is working on setting a date for restaurants, bars, salons and barbershops to reopen.