DeWine Defends Decision To Close Polls

Mar 17, 2020

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says the late night order to close voting locations for Tuesday's primary election was to make it clear that in-person voting would be delayed.

But some legal questions linger. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

After a failed attempt to delay the primary through court action, DeWine announced a public health order to shut down polls, saying it was to avoid confusion among voters and poll workers.


"We did what we needed to do to protect the people of the state of Ohio. And so it was a decision that I fully support it was the right decision. Now our goal must be to allow people to vote and give them ample opportunity to vote."


The Ohio House and Senate are discussing a possible return to the Statehouse address legal questions. The Ohio Democratic Party filed a suit in Ohio Supreme Court against LaRose for setting a new primary date.