DeWine Orders Government Hiring Freeze

Mar 23, 2020

Commercial activity in Ohio has dropped dramatically, as a result of state orders closing bars, restaurants, gyms, entertainment, and many businesses have chosen to close over concerns about the coronavirus.  

As a result, state revenue from business will drop off as well.  In light of that reality, Ohio Governor DeWine issued another order today, this time putting a freeze on all government hiring. 

"The only exception will be those who are directly involved in fighting the coronavirus, and anythhing we need to do that. That obviously takes priority.  In addition, the freeze on travel that we already put on, that of course will continue.  There will be now a new freeze on contract services.  All members of the cabinet, we've already instructed each one of them to look for cuts that they can make immediately in their budgets and their spending. We're looking at cuts of up to 20%."

DeWine says some departments, like Health, Medicaid, and Jobs and Family Services can't scale back, but he says some department are able to make cuts.