DeWine Plans To Cut $775 Million From State Budget Before July

May 5, 2020

Governor DeWine announces plans to cut $775 million from state budget
Credit Office of Governor
Following a nearly billion dollar drop in the state's economic picture, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine plans to cut $775 in state spending over the next two months.  

Medicaid will be cut $210 million, K-12 foundation payments will be reduced $300 million, higher education will cut $110 million, $55 million of other education line items we be cut, and there will be $100 cut from all other state agencies.  DeWine says he will tap the state's Rainy Day Fund - but not yet.  

"This rain is not a passing spring shower.  It could be a long, cold linerging storm.  And we should not use that Rainy Day funding until we have to."

Prisons are one of the few areas that will not face cuts.  Dewine says the bulk of the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections budget is personnel, and prsions can not run safely with fewer staff.  At the end of February, stay revenues for the fiscal year that ends in June were $200 million over estimates.  By the end of April the state was $776.9 million below estimates .