DeWine Promises To Veto Bill Limiting Emergency Orders, "For Future Governors"

Mar 12, 2021

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says he will veto a bill that would limit the scope of any state of emergency coming out of the governor's office.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  



DeWine says the bill that would allow Ohio lawmakers to rescind any declared state of emergency or health order is unconstitutional and violates separation of powers. 


DeWine adds that limiting the authority hampers a statewide response to a health crisis.  


DeWine: "I'm very concerned about the future and health departments around the state not having the tools they need to keep the people in this state, safe." 


Supporters of the measure say it allows lawmakers to represent their constituents.  


Republican leaders in the House and Senate say they have the votes to override a governor's veto.