DeWine Says No Need For GOP Election Objectors

Jan 4, 2021

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in his year-end interview with The State of Ohio.

Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio says he opposes objections to certification of the electoral college results on Wednesday, though it’s expected at least five Ohio Congress members will object, along with many other Republicans.

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler asked Governor Mike DeWine – a fellow Republican and supporter of President Trump – about the unprecedented effort to overturn the election, which will not happen.

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Governor Mike DeWine says states run elections and all 50 states have certified their results – so he opposes this effort.

“So unless somebody has some new shocking revelation or evidence, we need to move forward, not only have the state certify their elections, but there's been ample opportunity for anyone who saw a problem to go into court. Our courts function. The people have had the opportunity in many cases have gone into court and none of this has been overturned.”

DeWine didn’t address the question of whether voters’ faith has been eroded because of lies told about the election results by President Trump and others, but says a bipartisan commission as suggested by Portman could help people regain confidence in the system.