DeWine Talks To Trump About Gun Policies During Visit

Aug 7, 2019

Governor Mike DeWine, speaking after President Donald Trump's visit to Dayton.
Credit Statehouse News Bureau

President Trump was in Dayton earlier today, meeting with first responders and victims of Sunday’s mass shooting.

Governor Mike DeWine was there too. The meeting gave the two a chance to talk about changes in gun policies. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

DeWine said he talked to Trump about proposed changes at the statewide level – more mental health services, more laws to prevent criminals from getting guns and tightening laws regarding the sale of guns. DeWine said Trump wanted more information about those proposals but didn’t make specific promises. DeWine says he plans to accomplish his 17 point plan regardless of what happens….or doesn’t happen….in Washington D.C.


“I can’t predict what congress will do or what the president will do. What I can tell you is what I’m going to do and everything that we said we fully intend to see it through. We fully intend to get it done and we are very, very focused on these things.”


DeWine said he’s going to talk to legislative leaders this week about his ideas for stopping mass shootings from happening in Ohio in the future.