DeWine Unveils Workforce Development Plan

Aug 14, 2018

Ohio Chamber of Commerce president Andy Doehrel (far right), Ohio Business Roundtable president Pat Tiberi and running mate Jon Husted watch as DeWine unveils his workforce development plan
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine has unveiled a workforce development plan focusing on public-private partnerships while shutting down what he says are regulations that hurt businesses. 

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

DeWine says his “prosperity plan” would establish regional job training partnerships, push for more federal block grants for job training, create an app to match employers and potential workers, set up opportunity zones in economically distressed communities, change the law so researchers working at Ohio’s universities can keep their intellectual property, and halt regulations that hurt business and job growth.

“We’re reinventing job training. We’re incentivizing new innovators. And we’re getting rid of needless government regulations.”

Democratic opponent Richard Cordray has also rolled out a workforce development agenda, which he says focuses more on putting workers first.