DeWine Wants To Require More Information Entered Into Criminal Databases

Aug 29, 2019

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine wants to require warrants and protection orders for certain violent crimes be entered into criminal background systems. 

These are legal actions that would disqualify someone from buying a gun. It's DeWine's latest proposal to stop gun violence in the wake of the August 4th shootings in Dayton. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

DeWine's plan would require final protective orders for domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking to be entered into the state and federal criminal background system within 48 hours.

He also wants warrants for about 25 different offenses added into the databases.


DeWine: "There's no law in Ohio requiring the entry of warrants for violent crimes nor for protection orders into this system. This makes absolutely no sense."


Gun shop owners say these requirements will result in more accurate background checks.


DeWine says the state will work with local agencies to create a simple, digital system to enter the required data, and that the state will pay the costs.