Enviros And Coal Companies Team Up To Support Construction Of Large Solar Farm

Dec 5, 2018


Diverse groups are teaming up to support construction of Ohio's largest solar farm.  

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow explains.

Environmental advocates, business groups, and even a coal company are joining forces to support a solar farm proposal in Highland County.

Matt Evans, with the Boich Companies, a coal investor, says this would bring sorely needed jobs to Appalachia.


Evans: “A part of the state that’s had plant closures, power plan closures, mine closures...I believe that frankly Columbus has ignored this part of the state for the last several years. And I think that this is an opportunity starting now to get some good news to Appalachia.”


Although he comes from coal, Evans says it’s important to have a diverse energy portfolio.


Supporters say the project, which is subject to PUCO approval, could power more than 325,000 homes.