Fall Fund Drive: iPad Mini Winner #2

Oct 16, 2013

Congratulations to WCBE member, Dana Weeks! He is the winner of our iPad Mini Giveaway #2, held on Wednesday, October 16 during on our fall on-air fundraiser.  

Dana likes listening to the Global Village, Shakin' It, and All Mixed Up for good music. He listens to Le Show, the BBC World Service, and Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me for news updates. 

Dana writes, "Why do I support the station? 

It's because I like the programming. Because I like the voices. Because WCBE plays dancin' music, they play party music and they play music with a cultural context. 

It's because they don't play those heavy-handed commercials, crated to subvert the way I plan to spend my money, to influence the way I think, and undermine the way I intend to vote.

I support WCBE because the station offers something rare and unique on the radio.

Because the station is the people who make it, people who serve and care about the community they broadcast to.

I support WCBE because they'll tell you what's happening in town tonight and this weekend. They'll tell you about a movie or a book that might be worth my time.

Because they actually care about having the community's back. Because they'll tell you if someone's gone missing. And they'll even play that crazy Emergency Alert signal just to make sure it still works. Because its not there just to mess with your dog's hearing.

It's because they provide a place for musicians passing through town to play on the radio for the people who might not otherwise be able to see them play that night.

It's because when I was in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, I was able to get on a computer, go to and hear far away familiar voices from home.

And that is why I support WCBE."

Thanks for your continued support of WCBE,  Dana!