Fall Fund Drive: iPad Mini Winner #3

Oct 18, 2013

Congratulations to renewing member, Daniel Gideon! He is the winner of our iPad Mini Giveaway, held on Friday, October 18 during on our fall on-air fundraiser.  

Dan writes, "Normally, I wait until the eleventh hour at the end of the year to donate to WCBE.  Also, I don’t normally spend too much time listening during fund drives.  This time I listened more than usual, and I learned a lot about the station and the various programs that need support.  

WCBE has a wide variety of programs, from All Things Considered and BBC World News, to Blue Collar, Global Village, World Café, there’s programming for different tastes and different moods.  People in this area are truly blessed to have such an eclectic, informative, and entertaining radio station.  

I was swept up in the enthusiasm of the station reaching its goal, and I had the added incentive of possibly winning an iPad Mini.  I never expected to win, but I’m very glad that I did.  Keep up the good work, WCBE!  Thank you very much!"

Thanks for your continued support of WCBE, Dan!

You too can support this great community resource online anytime or by phone at (614) 722-7333. Thanks!