Federal Lawsuit Over COVID Closures Dropped As Backers Change Legal Strategy

Mar 22, 2021

Credit Dan Konik

Opponents of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns have dropped their federal lawsuit they filed last fall, seeking removal of the state of emergency declared last March.

But the legal fight continues. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.


Attorney Robert Gargasz says the lawsuit was withdrawn as part of a legal strategy. 


“Strategically, the judge wanted things adjusted and we are going to adjust them for the judge and we are going to the court so it’s not over. The fight has only begun.” 


Gargasz didn’t explain details of his legal strategy, citing attorney-client privilege. But he says the lawsuit will show DeWine’s actions are unconstitutional. DeWine said in that order that the constitution specifically grants him the authority to issue the state of emergency.