Few kids enrolled in Ohio's summer nutrition programs

Jun 8, 2012

Summer is a welcome break for many Ohio children who look forward to fun in the sun. But some children find themselves hungry in the summer. The breakfast and lunch programs low income children are eligible for during the school year often are not available during the summer. 

In an interview with Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles , Lisa Hamler Fugitt of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks explains there are too few children who are enrolled in summer nutrition programs because there are too few of those available throughout the state.  

Schools, churches and community groups can still take part in the program. They will need to provide safe places where children can be fed and use volunteers to run the service. But the federal government will provide money for the food itself. Hamler Fugitt credits some school districts in small towns and rural areas for participating, including Marion City, Highland, Kenton and Salem School Districts. 

More information on the summer program can be found here: