Former Ohio House Speaker Says He Won't Resign While Facing Federal Trial

Mar 18, 2021

Larry Householder watches the beginning of a House session the day after a caucus meeting to discuss whether he should be expelled.
Credit Ohio Public Radio

State representative and former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was back at work Wednesday, one day after his fellow Republicans met to discuss whether he should be removed from office as he awaits trial on federal corruption charges.

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Householder, who was at that caucus meeting, says he’s not resigning.

"I'm qualified to serve and I was elected to serve and I intend to serve the people of the 72nd House District of the state of Ohio to the best of my ability. Nothing more to say."

Householder has pleaded not guilty in the case.

His successor as speaker, Bob Cupp, says resignation would be the honorable thing. However, Cupp won’t say what happened in the discussion about Householder in that caucus meeting Tuesday.

“I have no news to report, no updates. And of course, you know I have a longstanding policy about not talking about internal caucus communications.”

House Democrats have previously proposed expelling Householder. And elected Republicans in his district have written to Cupp asking for Householder to be removed.