General Assembly Weighs Options In E-School Funding

Mar 11, 2019

Erik Tritsch, executive director Fairborn Digital Academy testifies before the Ohio Joint Committee on E-School Funding
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House and Senate are exploring their options when it comes to how the state gives money to e-schools.

The can get complicated.  Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow explains.

There are several types of e-schools in Ohio. There are digital platforms found within traditional public schools, charter schools, and dropout prevention and recovery schools.


The question for the joint committee on e-school funding is what should they base the funding off of? Enrollment? Course completion? Graduation?


Erik Tritsch of the Fairborn Digital Academy says it should be a little of everything.


“This would allow schools to plan in budget for fixed costs of running a school and incentivize schools to help students make progress toward graduation. Which should be the goal of our students, not just logging into class.”


Lawmakers say they plan to have in-depth conversations before possibly making recommendations in this year’s budget.