Ginther To Reject Activist Calls To End Summer Safety Initiative

Feb 21, 2017

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther announcing summer safety initiative last May
Credit WCBE Files

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther has a message for community activists who want the city to end it's summer safety initiative - too bad.

Ginther will announce in his State of the City address on Thursday that the city will extend the initiative that targets high-crime neighborhoods with additional police officers year-round. The initiative has been the target of protests since participating officers shot and killed 23-year-old Henry Green last summer in Linden. The year-round effort will aim to reduce gun violence and juvenile crime and make felony arrests. The city says the program is a success. Last week, health professionals and members of the People's Justice Project called for the city to treat gun  violence as a public health problem, and called for police to repair their relationship with the community. The group says the program primarily targets impoverished African-American neighborhoods.