Governor Lays Out Covid-19 Related Protocols For Businesses

Mar 19, 2020

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine laying out protocols for workers amid the coronavirus and hinting more things may come. 

Ohio Public Radio's  Andy Chow reports.

DeWine says businesses that remain open must take the temperature of every employee who enters the office, and if anyone is sick or has a fever they must be allowed to go home.

DeWine says the entire state and country is at war and the enemy is the coronavirus.


DeWine Bite 3: "When you stop moving, when I stop moving, it stops moving, it can't reach someone else. So each one of us must do all we can to limit our exposure and we must stop enabling this enemy."


He also told businesses to take aggressive sanitation measures.


DeWine also hinted at the possibility of closing non-essential businesses in the state sometime in the future.