Groups Rally To Oppose State Medicaid Expansion Freeze

Jul 6, 2017

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Hundreds of advocates gathered at the Statehouse yesterday to rally against a vote that would freeze Medicaid enrollment next year.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Nat  sound: “Save Medicaid, save lives.”


The advocates, health care providers and faith leaders want to continue Medicaid expansion for potentially half a million more Ohioans. 

Governor John Kasich vetoed a budget line freezing Medicaid enrollment for adults under 138% of the poverty level.


Derek Richardson of Lima is with Health Partners of Western Ohio, a network of health centers. 


Richardson: “When you’re at the personal level and you see the impact that having this coverage has on them it really hits home.”


On the other side, the Ohio Christian Alliance and Americans For Prosperity, supported by the conservative Koch Brothers, have been running phone banks in support of a veto override.