Gun Safety Group Pushes For Background Checks In Wake Of Dayton Shooting

Aug 5, 2019

Credit Keith Homan/Shutterstock

In the wake of Sunday's mass shooting in Dayton, Ohioans for Gun Safety says now is the time for state lawmakers to pass tougher gun regulations.

The group says they have the blueprint for one critical issue. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Ohioans for Gun Safety is collecting signatures to petition the Ohio Legislature to expand and strengthen background checks on gun sales, this includes closing the loopholes on online and gun show sales.


The group's Dennis Willard says lawmakers can take their petition language and pass something immediately. He adds that he's appalled by pro-gun advocates who say it's too soon to be talking about gun control following the mass shooting in Dayton.


"It's actually too late for the people who lost their lives in Dayton. It's too late for so many people in the country who have lost their lives to gun violence. And it's too late for their families and their survivors so what we need to do is take action right now."


If the legislature doesn't act, the group would try to put the measure on the ballot as early as next fall.


Pro-gun rights groups have said the majority of firearms involved in gun crimes do not come from online or gun show sales.