HB6 Investigation Whistleblower Speaks

Oct 22, 2020

Tyler Fehrman

Opponents the state's nuclear power plant bailout law recently held  a virtual rally seeking its repeal.

They include one of the whistleblowers who went to the FBI, which has filed a federal racketeering case. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports. 

Republican operative Tyler Fehrman was working to overturn the nuclear plant bailout law last year when he says a lobbyist for FirstEnergy asked him for inside information on that referendum campaign. 

 Fehrman, who reported that lobbyist to the FBI, spoke during a virtual rally to repeal HB6, calling the legislation "horribly written policy." 


Fehrman Bite 1: "It is also a disgusting attempt by lobbyists, political operatives, and elected officials to set themselves above the law and get away with crimes that have detrimental effects on the trust of the people of our state." 


Former House Speaker Larry Householder and others are accused of running a bribery scheme to help get HB6 passed.