Health Experts To Fight Vaccine Bill At Statehouse

Jun 28, 2019

Anti-vaccine proponents pose with Robert Kennedy Jr, outspoken vaccine opponent after he speaks in support for Ohio House bill
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Health officials plan to oppose a bill in the Ohio House that would block employers from requiring workers to get vaccines. 

The son of former U.S Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy came to the Statehouse this week to speak in support of the legislation. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Attorney Robert Kennedy said the bill should pass because vaccines are making people sick – a claim refuted by mainstream public health groups. And Nick Lashutka with the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association says there are good reason why hospitals in particular require workers to get vaccines.

“Many of the children we are privileged to care for in our institutions come to our hospitals with grave illnesses and often times are immune-compromised. If our workers were not receiving flu vaccines or other types of recommendations, we would be putting those children at risk.” 


The House bill has seven sponsors and most are conservative Republicans, and it has yet to have a hearing.