Hocking Hills Observatory And Astronomy Park To Be Built In Honor Of John Glenn

Feb 22, 2017

(L to R) Annie and John Glenn

A non-profit organization says it has raised enough money to build an observatory and astronomy park named for the late astronaut John Glenn, who become the first American to orbit the earth 55 years ago Tuesday.

Mike Foley reports.

The facilities will be built at Hocking Hills State Park.  Members of a friends of the park group say they've secured the 1.4 million dollars for the project. They say the lack of light pollution in the area allows clear views of the night sky, making it ideal for an observatory and astronomical activity. The head of the nonprofit group's board says the park will offer research and educational opportunities, spark visitor interest in science and astronomy and honor Glenn's legacy. Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth and later became a U.S. Senator. He died on December 8 at the age of 95. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall on a patch of land west of Old Man's Cave on State Route 664. The plaza will be 80 feet in diameter and contain a sundial along with a floating celestial fountain. Large stone towers will frame the views of the sun, highlighting its orientation at different times of the year.