Hospitals And Labs Try To Conserve Coronavirus Tests

Mar 18, 2020

Ohio Department of health director Amy Acton
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Hospitals and labs around the state are running low on coronavirus test kits.

State health officials say that's why they're trying to preserve the swabs for people at high-risk for contraction and fpr health care workers. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Dr. Amy Acton with the Ohio Department of Health says she understands the limit of testing can be alarming for Ohioans not considered high-risk. But she says for the large majority of cases, people should see their doctor, will likely experience mild symptoms, and they can ride it out at home. 


"We don't need the test, clinicians, to know how to treat people, we just have to start treating them as if they have this disease."


Acton says people who think they have the virus should quarantine themselves and other people who live with that person should also stay home.


Acton says people who see symptoms worsen or start to have trouble breathing should call the doctor and go to the emergency room.