House Holds Hearings On HB6 Repeal Proposal

Sep 10, 2020

Republican State Representative Laura Lanese testifies before the Ohio House Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight.

The Ohio House has started hearings on a potential repeal of the state's nuclear power plant bailout law. A federal investigation alleges the bill is at the center of a corruption scheme involving Republican now former House Speaker Larry Householder.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  

A key argument in the debate to repeal HB6 is whether to wipe out the entire law, or only parts of it. 


The $1 billion nuclear power plant bailout is a cornerstone of the bill, but it also subsidizes coal plants and solar farms, while rolling back and eliminating renewable energy and energy efficiency mandates. 


Republican Representative Laura Lanese fights against the argument that the bill is still good policy. 


"Some will argue that the process not the policy was corrupt. Even if true, the legislation is so intimately tied to the process that it would take the precision of splitting atoms to separate the two." 


Republican House Speaker Bob Cupp says there's a lot to unravel with HB6 which is why he called for a special committee to hold hearings on the issue.