Inspire Others to Give: Participate in our Member Match Fund

Mar 10, 2014

As you renew your support to WCBE or give for the first-time, consider directing your donation to our member match pool.

During our upcoming on-air drive, we'll ask listeners to become members by making financial contributions. With your help, we’ll inspire giving by offering matches – pooling your gift with gifts from other current members which will be released when we make our goals during the fundraiser. (For example, if listeners donate $1,000 in a given hour, we’d receive a matching $1,000 from the donor pool to which you contributed.)

This fund raising approach substantially increases participation in our on-air drives. The matching money helps WCBE raise significant funds in a short period of time, and to bring your favorite programs to you with less interruption.

Please take a moment to let us know you'd like to be part of our member match by checking the appropriate box on our online donation form at

Your donation now will inspire a gift from a new donor during the fund drive.  And, of course, your investment will help keep the news, music and entertainment programs you’ve come to expect from WCBE commercial free and independent. Thanks!