Jim Coe on Townes Van Zandt

Mar 6, 2019

WCBE listeners are a culture, independent-minded and selective about their channels of information. Whether it's for news sources or art forms, they choose to tune in to 90.5 FM because it speaks to them.

We're approaching the date of the 13th annual Townes Van Zandt Tribute show, March 7, birthday of the late songwriter, and on Thursday evening this year, at Dick's Den starting at 6:00, ending at last call.

For the past eight years WCBE has partnered with this perennial event, as invited by long-time engaged station volunteer Eric Nassau. This matching was organic, and evident. Music Director Maggie Brennan has programmed Townes' oeuvre for decades. Eric has performed live in Studio A numerous times, and during fund drives he answers listeners' calls, live in Studio A.

Listeners to Ante Meridiem, Global Village, World Café and Roots 'n Offshoots have heard Townes' work performed by him as well as many other artists who covered his songs. Simply, there is no other broadcast source for this style of music in central Ohio BUT WCBE!

Finally, 90.5 celebrates local artists, and this tribute performance is nothing but local. Twenty-three or so Columbus groups and solo singers will play over 70 original works by Townes this week. And the cherry high atop this sundae? IT'S A FUNDRAISER!  All proceeds at the door will be donated to WCBE.

Although no longer on the active staff at 90.5, I still engage with my support as a volunteer,
and in this matter I volunteer in the 'CBE String Band, along with Greg Moebius, Marlane Benadum-Foor, Jon McKnight and Mike Irvine. I do it because it connects me with my community, with WCBE and its listeners, and... because it's fun!

The 13th Annual Townes Van Zandt tribute concert is on Thursday, March 7th at 6pm at Dick's Den.