Kasich, Christie Oppose Latest GOP Effort To Replace ACA

Sep 21, 2017


Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich says the latest plan by GOP U.S. Senators to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is a bad deal. 

Kasich told CNN Wednesday the Graham-Cassady bill hurts people who can't afford healthcare, removes protections for pre-exisiting conditions, and would have negative long-term consequences.

Kasich says the bill also phases out federal funding for Medicaid expansion as part of the ACA. It also kills 45 billion dollars in funding for the opioid crisis, which was included in the last GOP bill. Kasich renewed his calls for a bi-partisan approach to health care.

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also came out against the measure yesterday, saying it would take billions of dollars away from his needy constituents. Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio appears to support the measure.

Portman's Democratic counterpart, Sherrod Brown, opposes it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to put the bill up for a vote next week. President Trump yesterday said he thinks many Republicans are "embarrassed" that they have not overturned the ACA.