Kasich Fires Agriculture Director In Dispute Over Algae Blooms In Lake Erie

Oct 23, 2018

David Daniels

Ohio Governor John Kasich has fired state agriculture director Dave Daniels in a dispute over toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie. 

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Daniels says on Friday he was called to a meeting in the governor’s office that had been scheduled a few days earlier, and said he was surprised at what happened.

“Upon arrival, I was informed that I serve at the pleasure of the governor, and my services would no longer be required.”

Kasich signed an executive order in July that created tougher rules on farm runoff to keep nutrients that can cause algae blooms out of Lake Erie. Daniels said he joined farmers in their reservations about it.

“I tried to share those with staff. And ultimately the direction that is currently being considered is where they want to take it.”

Kasich’s office had no comment on the decision to fire Daniels – the termination letter, dated Friday, only says Daniels’ service is at an end effective immediately.