Kasich Rejecting Calls To Eliminate Small Business Tax Cut

Jun 21, 2017

Ohio Governor John Kasich
Credit Ohio Public Radio

A state small businesses tax cut is under fire from Democrats and some Republicans who say the current budget situation shows it's time to repeal it.

But Governor John Kasich is rejecting those arguments. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.=

Recently, state lawmakers in Kansas ended that state’s tax break for small businesses, saying it didn’t create jobs and cost the state too much money. A similar tax break is costing Ohio more than a billion dollars, but Kasich says he’s not for ending it.


“To raise taxes? Nah, we don’t raise taxes in this state.”

Kasich says the case in Kansas is different because that state didn’t cut spending at the same time the tax breaks were enacted, and he says Ohio did. Ohio’s revenues $841 million short of projections for this fiscal year.