Kasich Rejects GOP Leadership Calls To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

Feb 24, 2016


Politico reports Ohio Governor John Kasich is being urged to drop out of the presidential race by GOP leaders who want Florida Senator Marco Rubio as the so-called "establishment" candidate.

Kasich finished fifth in last night's Nevada caucus. But Republican Ohio Senate President Keith Faber says Kasich should stay in the race.

Kasich says there is no reason to leave the race. A new Quinnipiac University poll of likely Ohio primary voters shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump leading the GOP field, with Kasich in second place by five points. The poll also shows Democrat Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 15 points. Meanwhile, the governor is getting some flack for a comment he made about "women who left their kitchens" to work on his 1978 state Senate campaign. Kasich made the remark Monday at a campaign stop in Virginia. Some of the women in the audience protested after the speech. The governor says it was not the best choice of words, but people should move on.

A campaign spokesperson later said Kasich's early bids for state office were run from his friends' kitchens and many of his early campaign teams were made up of stay-at-home moms.