Kasich Vetoes Bill Weakening Renewable Energy Standards

Dec 28, 2016

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor John Kasich has vetoed a bill that would have made compliance with the state's renewable energy standards optional for the next three years.

Barring a legislative override, the action resumes the benchmarks established in 2008 that were gradually increasing utilities' use of alternative energy sources.  Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Environmental groups hailed Kasich’s veto of the bill, which the governor says would undermine progress made by clean energy generation options. Kasich said in a statement that the bill would make it harder to attract high tech firms and would hurt homeowners and businesses. Republican Senator Bill Seitz, a backer of the bill, said this bill is what Ohioans who voted for Donald Trump want, and that Kasich is trying to - quote - "appease his coastal elite friends". And Seitz said the strengthened veto-proof GOP majorities in the legislature will work to totally repeal the mandates in the coming session.