Lawmakers Working On Congressional Redistricting Plan

Republican State Senator Frank LaRose is a co-sponsor of the measure
Credit State of Ohio

A bipartisan resolution in the Ohio General Assembly aims to change how congressional district lines are drawn.

The measure mirrors one going before the voters that changes the state legislative restricting process. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

A ballot issue this November would create a new process to drawing state legislative districts and requires bipartisan support.  
Now Republican Senator Frank LaRose and Democratic Senator Tom Sawyer, both from the Akron area, want to reform the way Congressional districts are drawn. As Sawyer explains, they want to use the same proposed system.  
“The fundamental principles are essentially the same the mechanisms for taking partisanship out of redrawing are essentially the same,” said Sawyer.  
The lawmakers said congressional districts weren’t included in the previous reform because they were waiting on a certain ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, which now gives them the green light.  
They hope to have the issue during next year’s March primary.