Legislators Scamble In Waning Days Of Session

Dec 7, 2020

Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House and Senate are holding more than 100 hearings this week as the Legislature nears the end of session.

Among the bills are measures to roll back COVID-19 restrictions and freeze the nuclear power plant bailout. Ohio Public Radio'sAndy Chow reports. 

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A criminal justice reform bill that changes drug sentencing laws to favor treatment over prison time will get another hearing in the House.  

A bill that allows party designation to appear on ballots for the election of judges could make it to the House floor this week, while a bill to reject Gov. Mike DeWine's 10pm alcohol curfew at bars and restaurants could be seen on the Senate floor.
The bill that freezes new charges on electric bills to subsidize power plants will receive several hearings. 

And the legislature will also hear bills that adopt health educations standards, provides reciprocity for occupational licensures from other states, and allows essential caregivers such as family members to go into long-term care facilities.