A Letter From Our GM

Oct 13, 2012

Since 1956, WCBE has served the central Ohio community with quality public radio programming: world, national and local news, diverse music, and a variety of other shows that entertain, inform, and keep you in touch with the world around you. (View a video of our history.)

WCBE keeps you connected!

Our community cares about itself and the larger world... it celebrates the arts... it values people, their ideas, their inspirations, and their hopes. With your renewed support today, WCBE will continue to bring you - and thousands of others - great radio all year long.

Morning Edition and All Things Considered set high standards for how you learn about our world. ‘CBE news anchors Alison Holm, Jim Letizia and Mike Foley bring the voice of our local news community to thousands in central Ohio every day. And the station’s original music programming (including our exclusive Live in Studio A performances) reflects the diversity of our community through song.

We invite you to help grow and sustain our cultural and educational landscape through a donation to The WCBE Fund. During our fall on-air drive, we ask listeners to renew or become members by making financial contributions. With your help, we’ll make this fall fund drive a success one donation at a time!

With deep thanks for your continued support and leadership, 
Dan Mushalko
WCBE Member (and General Manager)