Lung Association Gives State's Air Quality Mixed Marks

Apr 18, 2018

The American Lung Association's latest air quality report released today shows mixed results for Ohio. 

Mike Foley reports.

Each year in its State of the Air report, the American Lung Association analyzes the two most widespread outdoor air pollutants - ozone and particle pollution. For the second straight time, Columbus ranked as the 39th most polluted metro area for ozone in the nation. But the Columbus area ranked as one of the cleanest for short term unhealthy particle days and had its best levels ever for year-round particle pollution. Elsewhere in the State of the Air 2018 analysis, Cleveland placed 10th and Cincinnati 18th among the 25 most polluted areas for year-round particle pollution in the nation. Ozone levels increased in most cities nationwide, in large part because of warmer temperatures. But over the past decades, the report says ozone pollution has decreased nationwide because the nation has cleaned up the major emission sources that create ozone, especially coal-fired power plants and vehicles. That’s why the Lung Association calls for the Clean Air Act to remain in place, funded and enforced. The full report can be found at